Larry and Michael have gone out of their way to meet our crating and shipping needs. We have a complex product to ship and the CT team has designed an innovative crate. They continue to assist us with complicated shipping and delivery requirements. Highly recommended.

-Michael H.

Best crate I ever had made.​​

-Rich D.

Stu and Monica,
Your guys just left and I have to say they did a great job and were very professional.
I really appreciate the flexibility of them coming back to finish the job as we were a little behind schedule.
The crates look solid!

-Peter C.

Your team did a great job this morning; the design of this crate will be perfect for our application and the latches are great!

-Renee H.

Your team did an awesome job for us, protecting our *********** station.

-Mare V.

Just got the crates, wanted to say thank you for such a quick turnaround! You guys are awesome!
-Victoria H.

 Your company and team have been outstanding during a difficult business climate here at ********* during our shutdown.  I appreciate your willingness to work with us in ALL phases of the shutdown and appreciate your team immensely.

I always felt we had a true partnership in this relationship and ******** thanks you and your team for your professionalism and customer service.

I will definitely recommend your company for any packaging and crating needs we might have out of our Tempe facility and will call the Purchasing manager personally to convey our pleasure with your customer service and your companies support.
-Marv S.

We cant thank you enough for your fast delivery....
...Thanks a million again, you were a life saver.

-Morris S.


Our package arrived across the country and was still in great shape. We had a delicate architectural model that made it 3000 miles, overnight air freight, and that's due to Stu's expertise and great service.

-Shawn S.

Just want to drop a line and say thank you for the great service. This is the first I personally used you guys, very professionally done.

-Jonathon L.

They did a great job for us.  Everything was on time and the delicate equipment arrived in NY in good shape.

-Peter K.

Joe, and Anthony did an excellent job crating our product for us. They were very professional, and personable. I would recommend them to anyone. Over all, very pleased with the service.


Outstanding service from all we interfaced with at Crating Technologies. The staff was extremely responsive to our needs and fabricated in record time, allowing us to meet all our commitments.


I am very pleased with the detail your guys took to package up properly!
I will use you guys again for sure.
-Lyle E.

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