Stencil drawings can be added to the wood crate depending on what is needed.

It is a key way to display crate direction, fragile items, no tolerance for moisture, and much more.

Wooden products used in exporting must meet certain guidelines in order to make it through customs without any issues. 

For starters, the wood needs to show an IPPC stamp. The stamp can only be used on completed wood crates by a manufacturer, such as Crating Technology.

We are  compliant with all global crating and packaging requirements.  We are an ISPM 15 certified provider.

International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) refers to the procedures for certifying wooden packaging for export, to prevent the spread of invasive insects between countries. 
It allows for Heat-treated or Chemical-treated wood products in packaging.        

At Crating Technology, we only utilize Heat-Treated (HT) stamped wood products for our crates. 

By using the correct lumber and all necessary stamps, the risk of shipments being either held up in customs, or turned away from the receiving country, are greatly reduced.

‚ÄčOnce the shipping crates are complete, they can be delivered to the desired location. Or, we can build the custom shipping crate on-site. We service all of Arizona.


Wood crates can be painted company colors, or any other color, to help the crate stand out.

This is especially helpful when traveling overseas. It can potentially cut down on locating time. We can also paint on a company logo to help identify the crate faster. 

Viewing windows can be added to the crate as well.



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