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Common uses for Industrial Shrink-wrap:
* Aerospace Industry           * Boat & Jet Ski’s
* Wind Turbines & Blades    * Airplanes

* Manufacturing Industry    * Pallets

* Marine Industry                * Helicopter

* Aerospace Industry           * Marine Industry

* Idle Equipment & Machinery

Shrink-wrap allows for a cost-effective way of protecting and storing your assets. Have a boat that is not in use? Our heat shrink wrap is the perfect solution to protect the boat from the elements until it is next in use.

As heat is applied, it shrinks tightly over the object it is covering. 

The shrink-wrap material is weatherproof, which protects against the elements as well as any dirt, debris, deterioration, and UV rays. 

It contains 5% UV inhibitors by weight for excellent UV protection and performance during long term storage or transportation. 

Among our many services here at Crating Technology, we are also equipped with a custom shrink-wrap application to better protect your products. We focus on commercial shrink-wrap and industrial shrink-wrap solutions.

 The shrink-wrap is heated with a propane fired heat gun to shrink the film around the object.